The first thing you need to do when designing an app is to be completely informed about the whole process. That means being informed about the fundamentals of mobile app design, what kind of tools you need to use and what can you do to create an outstanding mobile app design. Being informed is definitely an advantage, but the most important things of all is to have passion to do this, from beginning to end, without quitting. Do you have the passion? If you answer is positive we would like to present you few aspects you need to consider during app designing!

Mobile App Design Fundamentals

We mentioned earlier that is important if you are informed about the basics of mobile app design. We would like to introduce you with some of them:

  • Intention: Knowing the purpose of the app helps to select the suitable platform for design and development. For instance, Android is one of the most famous and used platforms of the market which is highly popular for business promotion and rising income, while IOs is highly popular for generating revenues. So it is you decision to select the platform for design and development.
  • Framework: When designing for a mobile app, it is essential to consider framework or grid. Grid is existing on every mobile surface and helps in maintaining space between components. No matter if it is a dot, word or line, awareness of space is crucial. Making it determined with respect to length and wide is even more vital.
  • Colors: When designing an order of important features, the quality of colors is necessary. Alike color can be used with different shades to create importance of important features. For example, light shade can be used to present less important components whereas darker shade of same color symbolizes the importance of the component.
  • Fonts: When we are talking about typography, remember to always be very concise, clean and tidy. Whether you are going to use Roboto, Arial, Helvetica or Avenir, the rule should be to choose the most concise and clear font so that it gives best readability and visibility.
  • Logo: It is not crucial to add in a logo to your app. The logo does not make or break your application but if you add a logo, make sure it is attractive, lean and visible.
  • Speed: Reassure that your application is not filled with unnecessary components and it becomes difficult for individuals to use your application because of the slow loading.

Keep in mind these basic tips when creating the mobile app design. They can only help you towards building the perfect design. It is challenging to do this by yourself. You need to consider hiring professional services to help you with designing. After all, they are professionals and they can assist you from beginning to the very end.

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