Analyzing User Experience Digitally

Have you ever asked yourself the impact a flight has on the sleeping routine and movements of a traveler? Together with Swissair, we managed to develop a digital solution that can answer that question by monitoring and evaluating the influence in a fast and convenient way, both before and after a flight.



Solution for Website, Tablet and Mobile App

For leading real-estate company Camden, we’ve built a perfect digital solution – a cross-platform project that is completely optimized for websites, tablets and mobile phones in order to handle increased user traffic and user data without compromising functionality or quality.



Judging the Way You Sit

That’s right, now you can analyse your moves while sitting, because the new application that we have developed for Basset offers you the opportunity to view a digital presentation of your sitting activity. This app can monitor how long you sit every day or how much you move. If necessary, it can even give you information about the intervals spent away from where you sit.



Online Platform for Sharing Experiences

We’ve developed a social online platform where customers and internal staff can report problems and share positive experiences about trains and stations. A helpful and sorely needed application, as any frequent users of rail services may agree. Reports and the positive experiences can be forwarded by the internal staff or organised in the custom backend.



City Guidance and Weather Planner

Tours4Fun had us develop the ideal mobile application for self-guided travel. We have developed an application that is more than just a city guide. This app can give more than just the useful information about the city so many apps offer, but it references local weather data to suggest the activities that best match the location and the elements.



Interactive Application and Demonstrator of Features

We have developed a demonstrational and educational app that enables users to experience the newest features and wide functionality Beyer Dynamic offers. Through an interactive audio presentation you have the opportunity to know the benefits before buying the device!



Digital Stock News Follower

With the application that we created for Handelsblatt a user is allowed to build their own personal news channel to follow the news from the financial world that best pertains to their stock portfolio. The application can be used through an Android or iOS smartphone, tablet or the web.



Premium Voucher Marketing Solutions

We pride ourselves on having a fully responsive B2C campaign platform tool. Through it, every user can generate a voucher – either from Guinness or each pub in which there is connectivity. Additionally, vouchers and special offers can be operated through location services for an even easier user experience.